Directed Study

Directed Studies courses are semester-long academic electives. Students must complete a Directed Studies application and receive signed approval from one of the TAG teachers prior to registration. Students interested in enrolling in a Directed Studies course should familiarize themselves with the program expectations as addressed in the manual. Directed Studies students complete a contract during the first week of the semester, tying course objectives to the TAG standards.

Things to consider when planning a Directed Study:

1. If your selected topic is related to a discipline in the Fine Art or Math & Science Magnets, then TAG Directed Study can count as Magnet Credit pending submission of the appropriate form.

2. Directed Study courses are SUPER flexible and can be scheduled for any period of the day.


3. If you will need specific guidance, advice, and review for your subject matter, it is your responsibility to obtain an Advising Teacher. The Advising Teacher can help you in your projects and can assign grades for these projects when appropriate. You don't want Ms. Pekatos, an English teacher, grading your STEM assignments!


4. You need to develop a plan for procuring texts and space in which to work. Sometimes procuring a text might even count as one of your 9 projects, especially if you are conducting research off campus. You should also consider an appropriate location for your particular project ideas; you can't grow mold or play with power tools in the Directed Study Office!


5. Finally, consider the necessary materials. You might only need a laptop, but some projects can get expensive quickly. Consider what materials you have at home available for your use and talk to teachers in your chosen discipline about what materials might be available. We can even apply for grants, but students will need a contingency plan!

Annabelle, 11th

Directed Study on Sustainable Architecture, designed a eco-friendly building

Grace, 12th

Directed Study in Vocal Music & Audio Recording; created a demo CD of songs


  • Metallurgy/Blacksmith: Konrad built a forge and created blacksmithing projects.

  • Writing a Novel: Alma is writing full novel over the course of the year

  • Independent Art Show: Kate and Nancy planned out their own art assignments and each designed a personal gallery show.

  • Advanced Mathematical Proofs: Konrad willingly worked through famous difficult proofs after advancing out of the available math courses at NS

  • FBLA Project- March of Dimes: Anthony used his directed study to execute a large-scale event for FBLA that had multiple components on campus and in the community. 

  • Computer Programming:  Ohad built several computer programs and a phone app. It was way over my head. 

  • 3-D Printing: Jared worked with the two different 3-D printers in the our Art and Tech departments. He problem-solved and repaired the printers, in addition to designing and printing some items.

  • Advanced Scientific Experiment: Maddie and Kerry are planning a year long experiment that follows the scientific process. 


If you're considering a Directed Study, we encourage you to look through the Manual. It includes descriptions of all assignments, templates, and rubrics.



The first assignment in any Directed Study is to create your contract. The contract guides your semester and acts as a plan for all of your assignments

Christine Pekatos | | TAG Coordinator

North Springs High School