TAG Programming

In high school, TAG Participation is much more flexible than in the Middle School model. This helps students meet TAG requirements in a variety of ways! Most students participate in one of the following three ways:
  • Advanced Content Classes
  • TAG-ONLY Elective Course (Directed Study & TAG Internship)
  • Seminars, such as the "Hire Me!" Seminar
In addition to specific courses, the TAG program at NSHS offers a variety of additional opportunities for students to get involved. These are open to any interested TAG student, pending approval from teachers whose classes will be missed. 

Most TAG students receive their TAG credit through Honors and AP courses that they would likely take regardless of TAG. These classes consist of both TAG and non-TAG students together with a trained instructor.


Advanced courses that count as TAG participation have a .2 course number. These classes have a lower class cap size and are taught by a teacher who has been trained to work with gifted students. 

Not all honors or advanced classes are offered as TAG content classes. 

The majority of AP courses at NSHS can be TAG participation, as can some honors courses for underclassmen. Dual Enrollment is also considered TAG participation.  For a more details, you can check your (child's) schedule, or you can contact Ms. Pekatos. 


These courses are only available to upperclassman TAG students. 


In DS, students can design their own course where they spend one period a day working on or researching their passion! Write a novel, study architecture, develop a portfolio, build a robot, research Vikings, analyze comic books, design a video game; fully geek out! READ MORE >


Get experience in a career field now! This internship would not go through Mr. Patterson’s WBL, but through TAG. Internships are all off-campus and require students have their own transportation.  READ MORE >


Students who cannot fit a qualifying advanced course or TAG elective into their schedule can fulfill the TAG requirements through a SEMINAR. 

Seminars are not classes. They meet outside of the regular class periods to study one particular topic in depth. To earn credit through a Seminar, students should expect to meet about 14 hours face-to-face and then complete one summative activity. 

The seminars that are offered change each semester- look out for updates on the website, through email, and on the announcements. 

The only seminar offered every year is "Hire Me!"

        Still have questions? Check the Participation FAQs!