1. TAG Internship is offered to upperclassman (11+12 grade) students. Sophomore students who are interested in Internship should complete the Hire Me! seminar.

2. In order to be eligible for Internship, students must complete the TAG Seminar "Hire Me!" The Hire Me! Seminar focuses on career skills. Through the seminar, students will produce a polished resume, cover letter, reference list and other documents that will prepare the students for Internship. The semester seminar is ideally taken the semester before Internship, and it culminates in an interview with the Fulton County TAG Internship Representative. For fall semester internships, interviews are usually held the week after Spring Break the semester before. For spring semester internships, interviews are usually held the first week of November the semester before.


3. Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the internship site.This is easiest if students have their own cars, but NSHS students can also use MARTA.


4. No, students don't get paid for their internships. Students receive school credit (letter grade based on assignments and evaluations) and therefore are not able to get paid for their experience. 

5. Internships are set up on a semester basis. They can continue into a second semester if both the student and the site are interested!

6. TAG Interns spend five hours per week at their internship, seventy hours total. This matches the amount of time that students would otherwise spend in a classroom setting.

7. Internships generally last for the fourteen weeks in the middle of the semester, meaning for those weeks, students will report to the job site. (Most students will only go to the job site two or three times a week and work for longer period of time than one hour. On the days that they do not go to the job site, they may either go to the library or go home.) Interns spend the first two weeks of the semester in school preparing for their internships. Sometime during the first four weeks of the semester, interns will attend their placement interview in which they will and a Fulton County TAG Internship Representative will join them at the business site and establish their work schedule for the semester. The last two weeks of the semester, the interns report back to school and prepare for their final presentations, which will showcase the experience that they had out in the field.

8. TAG Internship is a completely different program from WBL (work-based learning). Both are great programs, so it can be tricky to determine which one is the best fit. A few differences: ALL of the TAG Internships are off-campus, there's no TAG version of mentorship. The TAG Internships are set up by coordinators are the FCS County Offices, meaning they have different connections than Patterson's program. This internship also counts as TAG participation, and is listed as a gifted class on student transcripts.


9. In addition to working at the job site, TAG Interns complete assignments for their TAG Teacher. Check out the list of assignments to the right! Ms. Pekatos is the teacher for the course. She will coordinate with the Site Supervisors to give students a numerical grade for their career experience. 

10. TAG Internships can be in a huge variety of fields!

We begin the site selection process by evaluating student interests. Students will be asked to give us three career field options (i.e. medicine, physical therapy, and veterinarian science). We try to place students in their top selection, but occasionally we will have to place a student in their second choice career field. If we do not have enough sites for the number of students who are interested in a specific career field or the student selects a unique field that we have never had before then we attempt to find new sites. 

TAG Intern Jennifer learns more about graphic design and improves her career skills at Minuteman Press in Sandy Springs.

Download the Internship Assignments for a preview of the coursework, or download the Manual if you want an in-depth look at all the expectations of the course!





Hire Me! Seminar

Hire Me is a prerequisite seminar for students who wish to participate in the Fulton County Gifted Services internship program.


In the seminar, TAG students decide on a field/focus for their internship. They will compose a resume, cover letter, and references, and learn the importance and specifics of professional attire. Participants conduct research on a career field in which they are interested and plan to intern. Students practice interviewing and networking skills, culminating in a mock interview taking place at the end of the course. Class discussion topics include business ethics, professional attitudes, and managing change in the workplace.


The seminar is designed to prepare TAG students for their upcoming internships, but also helps them to build valuable communication and workplace skills and approaches that aid them in preparing for college and adult life. 


TAG students in 10th-12th grades may take Hire Me!, but are advised to take it the seminar the semester before their internship.