PArticipation FAQs

How do most 9th grade students receive TAG services?

          Most students take a gifted content class—either Honors Biology, Honors 9th Lit/Comp, Honors Accelerated Integrated Geometry, or AP government.  A student is guaranteed only ONE and only if they have been recommended by their middle school TAG teacher.  This limitation exists because all gifted classes are honors classes with high expectations and we want to make sure students are set up to succeed.  We also have a limited number of certified teachers to teach the TAG courses and are thus limited in our offerings.   


If a student is not recommended or scheduled for a TAG content class, how does he or she receive TAG services?

          The most common option is to take a seminar.  In the seminar, students meet for 14 contact hours with a TAG teacher, exploring an area of concentration not typically available in or beyond the regular course offerings.  This is currently completed  through Anchor Time.  The student may not miss more than two contact hours and must complete a satisfactory final, culminating project in order to earn TAG participation. 

My child doesn’t want to miss class and isn’t receiving TAG services; what can I do?

Students can also take an independent project.  With the supervision of a teacher of the gifted, the student conducts in-depth research as an extension of a curriculum topic of their choice. The student meets with the gifted program teacher at least four times a semester. The transcript reflects credit/non-credit.


Will colleges see a record of TAG participation on my son or daughter’s transcript?

          Yes.  On students’ schedules, it will list TAG Participation as a 7th or 8th period class.  As long as a student successfully completes one TAG service each semester, they will be a grade of CREDIT on their grade report and transcript.


How do honors and gifted content courses differ?

          While in middle school, there is a difference between the advanced and gifted courses, at the high school level they virtually the same.  Honors courses feature advanced rigor and earn 7 extra points upon earning a passing grade each semester. Gifted content courses meet these same requirements; however, they are taught by a gifted certified teacher and feature an enrichment unit.


My student is supposed to be in a gifted content course, but his or her schedule only says honors. Is this correct?

          Honors and gifted courses will have the same title.  For example, Gifted Honors Biology will only appear as Honors Biology.  The way you can tell it is gifted is to look at the course number.  For each course number there is a number like this:  23.0530010 or 23.2530010.  Both of these course numbers identify that these are AP Language and Composition courses.  The presence of the 2 after the decimal tells you that the course is a gifted content section, meeting gifted participation requirements.  So again, Honors Biology: 26.0120040; Gifted Honors Biology: 26.2120040.  If your student was recommended for a gifted content course and does not have any other gifted content courses in the schedule, please contact the counselor. 


Do APs count as TAG participation?

          Yes.  AP courses count as a student’s TAG participation if they are taught by a gifted endorsed teacher.   

My student is enrolled in TAG but his or her schedule doesn’t say TAG participation—what should I do?

          Please email the TAG Coordinator, Christine Pekatos (  She will look into the issue and contact you if she needs any information.


Are gifted content courses offered 9th-12th grade?

          No.  Currently, we only offer Biology, Lit, and Geometry in 9th grade and Lit and Pre-calculus in 10th grade. Additionally, students can elect to take AP Government in 9th grade, AP World History in 10th, or other APs depending upon the student’s interests and abilities.   The availability of AP courses in 11th and 12th grade renders continuation of gifted content courses impractical. 


What are the benefits of continuation in the TAG program in high school?

          In the gifted content courses and seminars, the student will receive enrichment services from certified TAG teachers, who are trained to meet the needs of talented and gifted students.  

In addition to offering enrichment for TAG students, eligible students can take a TAG Internship in 11th or 12th grade or a Directed Study in 10th-12th grades. 

Is participation mandatory?

           No.  If at any point you feel that your student’s needs would be better met by not participating in the TAG program, please contact the TAG Coordinator, Christine Pekatos (