DISCLAIMER FROM MS. PEKATOS: Fulton County follows a very specific process when it comes to identifying students. We are not qualified to determine whether students are gifted; we only determine if they are eligible for gifted services. The requirements to enter the TAG program are rigorous. Not every student will be found eligible, which does not mean those students aren't gifted! We follow GA educational laws to best provide every student with the challenges they need!

Eligibility process

The Fulton County School System screens students for eligibility for gifted services twice a year.


I. Automatic Screening- At the beginning of the school year, TAG teachers review previous year’s test scores as outlined in the "Notification to Parents of the Screening and Referral Process" as available on the Program Overview page. 


II. Classroom Screening- Local schools select a two-week period from January 7 – February 29 to review all students in their school. Classroom teachers use the Characteristics Instrument for Screening Students (CISS) to identify students with superior abilities in five or more of the following areas: motivation, interests, communications skills, problem-solving abilities, memory, inquiry, insight, reasoning, creativity, and humor. Parents may request to view their child’s screening results.

Students who meet either the automatic screening OR classroom screening criteria AND who have supporting data gathered from test history, products, and/or advanced content levels are referred for gifted placement testing. Once referred to testing:

  • Parents receive the Parent Notification for Testing Consent Form.

  • Student is tested for the gifted program.

  • Parents receive test results.

  • If state eligibility is determined, students are placed in the TAG program.

For specific information regarding the eligibility process at NSHS, please contact Christine Pekatos (pekatos@fultonschools.org)


This document answers all the basic questions you may have about how students are screened and referred for TAG testing. 


This document shows the exact data that determines whether tested students are found eligible or not eligible for testing. 


This document outlines what to expect if you or your student is referred for TAG testing.