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NEW THIS YEAR: All TAG students will have "Gifted Participation" on their transcript. Students must participate in TAG to earn a "CR- Credit Received" on the transcript. Completing a seminar counts as participation. Click here for more participation info. 

  • Freshman TAG Experience (Freshman only):  Welcome to North Springs! This Seminar assists Freshmen as they navigate their first semester of high school. Get plugged in with amazing clubs, familiarize yourself with all the resources on campus, and discover the opportunities offered to TAG students. This seminar is required for any freshmen NOT taking AP Hug. 


  • Hire Me (Sophomores & Juniors only):  The successful completion of the "Hire Me" seminar is required for any student wanting to participate in a TAG internship.  During this seminar, students will draft a resume, cover letter, and reference list, and master basic interviewing skills.  Students must attend at least 4 of the 6 seminar sessions and successfully complete all assignments to earn TAG participation credit for seminar and qualify for the TAG internship program during their junior or senior year.  However, students not enrolling in a TAG internship are welcome to participate.  

  • Science Fair (any interested TAG Student):  In this seminar, students will be conducting independent research individually or in pairs / triads to write a research proposal -- with background research properly MLA cited in the text and with references -- before conducting their experiment.  Students will submit their projects when we return to school in January, and North Springs HS will send top projects to the county science fair in February.  Conducting research like this and going through the literature review process for the background research can help you on your college applications for rigor and relevance.

  • Civil Rights Field Trip (Interested TAG Upperclassmen):  The "Civil Rights Journey" Seminar will provide students with an unique insight to the Civil Rights Era through reading first-hand accounts of some of the major events of the period.  Students will have the opportunity to share their reflections of the readings as they travel on an overnight fieldtrip to Montgomery, Selma and Birmingham, Alabama on March 13 and 14.  This seminar supports both the AP United States History and AP United States Government curricula and is open to junior and senior TAG students. See more details HERE.

  • Women in STEM (any interested TAG Student):  In this seminar, we will be researching diverse women in STEM and their contributions to the field.  We'll discuss the harmful misconceptions and prejudices that caused the subsequent lack of representation (think The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and Hidden Figures) of women in STEM.  Your task will be to research a female scientist who interests you.  Then, you will develop an infographic and correlating activity that teaches us about your scientists.  We will watch and discuss Hidden Figures (and perhaps The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks) to wrap it up!

  • Feel Your Feelings! Emotional Intelligence(any interested TAG Student):  Join us for this fun and meaningful seminar on Emotional Intelligence. This seminar will include an overview of emotional intelligence and the skills required for a high EQ. Students will take an EQ assessment (like a personality quiz) and see what their preferred emotional processing style is! We will talk about the consequences of a low EQ and culminate our seminar with a viewing of Pixar's Inside Out with popcorn & candy!

  • Get Real! Reality TV Seminar: (any interested TAG Student): Spend hours watching reality TV on Netflix? Us, too! In this seminar, we will dive deep into the history and psychology of reality TV. We’ll track how it has evolved over the years and how social media has played a part. We’ll investigate different types of reality tv including competition, home improvement, dating, and more! At the end of the course, we’ll even come together as a group to watch and analyze a selection of great Reality TV episodes!

  • Heroes and Antiheroes: A Journey through Storytelling (any interested TAG Student): Throughout history, some of our favorite stories have included the hero archetype, and, more recently, the antihero has emerged as a common figure in stories. Examples include Batman, Eren from Attack on Titan, Dexter and others. In this seminar, you will explore the concept of what makes a character a hero or an antihero through reading and exploring examples from literature and pop culture. At the end of the course, you will have a choice to write a creative piece featuring a hero or antihero or to storyboard a creative piece featuring a hero or antihero

  • Day in the Life of a Judge (any interested TAG Student):  Interested in the judicial system or a career in Law or Criminal Justice? Join us for an insider look at a day in the life of a Judge. This seminar will culminate in a field trip to the local court to interview a judge an receive a tour. Students must complete all related assignments in order to be eligible for the field trip. The field trip will require a payment to cover the bus and lunch. 

  • World Building in Writing (any interested TAG Student):  What connects world mythology, the Marvel Cinema Universe, the “lived in“ galaxy of The Mandalorian, the Wizarding Worlds of Middle Earth and Harry Potter, and the cartoon universes of many animated characters (ranging from Anime favorites to Rick & Morty) so closely to their readers? Whether you’re writing comics, screenplays, novels, or stories in any genre, your written work needs to be inhabited by realistic places and people! This TAG seminar dives deep into what makes characters and worlds so inviting to readers and viewers. We’ll look at samples of various fictional universes and characters to see what makes them successfully tick, advance the story, and use them as a basis for fueling our own concepts and stories with an eye towards pitching and selling them professionally. This seminar will feature guest speakers including professional artists, advertisers, filmmakers, and writers, and will culminate in a field trip and student portfolio of written work.